This is the family website of Marcus & Elli Pope. We're two technology driven adults living & working in Austin, TX. I'm a software developer and Elli is a QA tester and Project Manager. This site should have been released a while ago, but unfortunately we were busy with a Chevy/MSN site for the last month or so trying to hit a Christmas Eve deadline. I still have my professional site but it's woefully out of date.

If you're looking for information regarding our professional work, please feel free to check out our resumes and portfolios. My wife and I are a great team, and we enjoy working together wherever that may be. We're currently employeed at Springbox an interactive marketing agency in downtown Austin. At the moment we're booked for any sideline work through 2012.

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  • um.... those are *not* tadpoles -
  • Can you spot the two glaring logical fallacies? (answer: healthcare != private sector and military ~= profitable)
  • OH: "I gave my son his first haircut... no not a mohawk, I *wanted* him to look like Lloyd from Dumb & Dumber." (emphasis mine)
  • Yo, Adrian! Never miss a creative opportunity:
  • Facebook is broken! Oh noes!
  • has decided that keeping a flash drive in my purse would be really useful. Yes I know I'm 5 years late in realizing this.



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